English Language Courses

Maltalingua offers a variety of English courses to suit the needs of many different types of students. The courses are taught in small groups with a friendly atmosphere and are suitable for adults of all ages. General, intensive and private English courses are open to all students, while the business and exam preparation courses require students to have an English level of intermediate or above. In the Standard English, Intensive English and IELTS exam preparation courses, the maximum number of students is 12 per class (6-8 on average). Business English courses are limited to 8 students per class (5-6 on average). We also offer private English classes for students who would like a lot of individual attention from their teacher.



English Language Courses


Course Prices (in Euro)

Start Dates and Holidays 2017

You should consider the following dates when planning your language journey:

General English, Business English and Private English courses 2017:
Every Monday

Holidays (falling on a weekday) in Malta 2017:
10/02, 31/03, 14/04, 01/05, 07/06, 29/06, 15/08, 08/09, 21/09, 08/12, 13/12, 25/12. When the school is closed, Maltalingua make up any lost teaching time.

We are open over the Christmas period.

IELTS exam courses 2017:
Every Monday.

Examination DateApplication Deadline
07/01/17 (Saturday)22/12/16
16/02/17 (Thursday)01/02/17
04/03/17 (Saturday)17/02/17
25/03/17 (Saturday)10/03/17
08/04/17 (Saturday)24/03/17
22/04/17 (Saturday)07/04/17
13/05/17 (Saturday)28/04/17
25/05/17 (Thursday)10/05/17
03/06/17 (Saturday)19/05/17
17/06/17 (Saturday)02/06/17
08/07/17 (Saturday)23/06/17
03/08/17 (Thursday)19/07/17
19/08/17 (Saturday)04/08/17
09/09/17 (Saturday)25/08/17
30/09/17 (Saturday)15/09/17
14/10/17 (Saturday)29/09/17
11/11/17 (Saturday)27/10/17
02/12/17 (Saturday)17/11/17

The IELTS test fee for 2017 is €205.00 per student