English in the Workplace - Corporate English

Improve communication. Increase retention. Develop skills. Offer progression.

In today's global society, English is increasingly being used as the international language of communication for business.

The benefits of English in the workplace include:

  • Creating a common language for employees within the workplace;
  • Building trust and improving relationships with clients and colleagues;
  • Initiating and maintaining international relationships;
  • Enhancing your professional skill-set;
  • Facilitation of career progression;
  • Exploring relationships through cultural understanding;
  • Improve the quality of life when residing in English speaking countries.

The ability to converse in English is a major advantage for some organisations and companies including staff members who do not speak English as a first or second language.

Companies who direct business globally are going to engage with individuals who communicate in English as a first or second language consistently making the ability to utilise English within the work environment a truly valuable skill.

It is estimated that over half of the pages on the internet are written in English which implies that more content is accessible to individuals who can understand English.

Access to this kind of information can have a profound effect on your professional life, regardless of whether you work with partners or customers who communicate in English or not. 

If you can communicate in English with certainty there is a high possibility that you have either studied or experienced English culture. This social understanding can be important for managers who need to work with or offer services to English speaking countries.

Business English courses in the workplace are a superb choice for motivated and busy executives and business students. We know that your time is valuable; this is why Maltalingua aims to develop the English language skills that all participants need for their professional life as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The course is designed to help all participants communicate in an English-speaking business environment. Instruction is held in small groups, ideally, no more than 10 students per group, and covers a number of topics, including:

  • Taking part in business meetings and speeches;
  • Corresponding by email and by telephone;
  • Recruitment and interview techniques;
  • Giving presentations;
  • Small talk for conversations outside of meetings.

The course is designed to be more flexible than General English classes, the lessons can also be adjusted to your topics of interest.

Maltalingua will provide as many teachers as needed to keep group sizes small and effective and provides qualified, engaging, creative, and experienced teachers who are native speakers.

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