Malta Events Calendar 2023

Malta hosts an incredible plethora of events throughout the year that cater to all ages and tastes. Malta’s rich event calendar offers performances, festivals, exhibitions, and feasts from local and international entertainers and exhibitors all year round. Malta welcomes, every year, multiple international contemporary, classical, and jazz artists hosting various concerts and festivals throughout the year.

Malta plays a host to multiple sporting events, on the land, sea, and in the air and its art scene offers a range of theatre, dance performances, pantomimes, plays, and more. Explore some of Malta's events taking place this year below.



Six times per year, Fort St. Elmo gives you a very special impression of Malta’s history. The “Historical Re-enactment Group of Malta” reconstructs in loving detail the onslaught of the French under Napoleon (1798-1800). In a 50-minute play, the arrival of the French, the Maltese rebellion and the arrival of the English who helped beat the French is being re-enacted in original costumes and with contemporary requisites. Cheap tickets are available at the Fort’s entry.

Changing of the Guards

Every last Friday of the month at 10.30 am a parade commences in St George's Square in Valletta. The Armed Forces of Malta Band march down republic street to acknowledge the replacement of the Main Guard from The Palace Valletta. It is a traditional and spectacular display to see.

Saluting Battery

The Saluting Battery, one of the most important historical events in Malta, takes place every day between 12 pm and 4 pm at the highest point of the island. Soldiers traditionally fire heavy cannons. Visitors typically watch this historical event from the Grand Harbour. A must-see for anyone visiting Malta!

Valletta Baroque Festival, 11th to 23rd January 2023

Valletta International Baroque Festival offers you the opportunity to listen to world-class baroque music artists in a historical atmosphere typically filled with a local and international audience. One of the main stages of the festival is Teatru Manoel, the oldest working theatre in the world, St. John's Co-Cathedral, and the Valletta Archaeological Museum are just a few of the fascinating venues you can visit. The Valletta International Baroque Festival gives its audience a feast of music with its magnificent music performances ranging from Bach to Vivaldi and much more.

Carnival, 17th February to 21st February 2023

Spring is the time for carnivals, and if you are up for a good party, then this celebration weekend will not disappoint you. The centre of festivities is Valletta, but there are similar parties in smaller towns. All over the island, you will find people in colourful costumes looking forward to the great parade. The party continues well into the night in Paceville! Don’t miss this colourful side of Malta!

Easter Week, 2nd March to 9th April 2023

Easter is a big celebration in Malta. Churches are lavishly decorated and are beautifully lit up in the evenings. You shouldn’t miss the magnificent Easter church parades on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Two famous parades take place on Good Friday in Qormi and on Good Friday and Easter Sunday in Vittoriosa. Many Maltese participate and re-enact Biblical scenes in costumes. On Easter Sunday in particular, a happy and exuberant atmosphere covers the island.

Strawberry Festival, TBA 2023

One of the biggest reasons behind the local people waiting for the spring months is the Strawberry Festival! The festival, known as “Festa Frawli” by the locals, is organized in Mġarr which is a village on the north of the island. Delicious strawberries are picked up for the festival and local people prepare some tasty strawberry delicacies for the stalls to be set up in the square outside the Parish Church. Strawberry Festival welcomes local and foreign visitors with super tasty strawberries, stalls, and entertainment shows.

Rock the South, TBA 2023

Rock the South Malta opens its doors to music lovers with more than 30 artists and multiple stages at the Zion Reggae Bar. Rock the South Malta has hosted more than 100 artists since it started. As every year, the festival offers endless entertainment with awesome local and international bands and artists, changing from reggae to jazz to rock and even punk.

Malta International Fireworks Festival, Between April 2023 (TBA)

The fireworks festival has a tradition in Malta. It is attended by locals and tourists alike. Valletta’s Grand Harbour is the perfect setting for this event, during which the anniversary of Malta’s EU membership is also being celebrated. The fireworks festival is the starting signal for many village parties all across Malta.

Medieval Mdina, TBA 2023

The Medieval Mdina Festival transports the entire city back in time to the Middle Ages, allowing visitors to re-enact the days of knighthood. Musicians play on the street corners and the entire city is decorated with flowers to spread a lovely feeling of spring. Museums, churches, and other historic places are open to all visitors this weekend.

Malta Fashion Week, 28th June - 2nd July 2023

Malta Fashion Week is one amazing week of superb fashion shows, parties, and events that reach the highest standards of similar fashion weeks held in other fashion capitals worldwide. The magnificent capital city of Valletta showcases some of Malta’s best talent in the fashion industry from fashion designers to catwalk models, stylists, and make-up artists. On the 2nd of July, the week will close with the 25th year of the Malta Fashion Awards.  

Beland Music Festival, TBA 2023

Beland Music Festival has been taking place in Żejtun in May for 8 years. Every year, local musicians and groups take place at the festival. Besides that, winners of the Veland Music Contest perform offering new talent an opportunity to shine. Beland Music Festival, which takes place with the support of Arts Council Malta, is waiting to entertain all its audience with well-organized music performances.

Village Festivals

All year long, you can experience the history and tradition of Malta up close. Each village has its festival day known as a festa. One week is dedicated to its particular patron saint, crowned by a huge party with many fireworks and a church parade the day after. The Maltese will gladly share this tradition with you!

Lost & Found Festival, 29th June – 2nd July 2023

The Lost & Found Festival invites you to dance, and listen to fantastic music from your favourite DJ's and guarantees endless fun. Organised by DJ Annie Mac, the Festival promises various parties in some of Malta's best open-air nightclubs but also offers boat parties, pool parties, and even a party in a historic castle! Lost & Found gives you a chance of having an exciting experience with a diverse crowd. It is one of the best options for those who want to be part of a long weekend of legendary parties.

Earth Garden, 2nd June - 4th June 2023

Earth Garden Festival is an outdoor Non-Mainstream Music Festival. The Festival features 5 different music stages: Roots Stage, Enchanted Forest, Electronic Sphere, Strawberry Hill, and a very well-organized live Jamming Area.

This is the festival that kick starts the summer in Malta and guarantees loads of fun and great music within an eco-friendly and welcoming environment.

Eco Market Malta 2022

Friends of the Earth Malta and Eco Market Malta have joined forces and are organising a 2-day market and celebration focusing on everything good for people and the planet.

The event includes a marketplace with several approved and vetted vendors with a variety of everyday products, such as sustainable housewares, ethical fashion, non-toxic personal care products, arts, and crafts. The October edition of the Eco Market will be however putting the spotlight on the thousands of local farmers who work hard every single day to produce wonderful, healthy, refreshing food for our plates. Expect to find therefore stalls with local fresh organic produce, natural food, and snacks as well as food trucks with the most genuine and mouthwatering food. This two-day event will also host Info Booths, awareness talks, and educative workshops all linked to good food, sustainable living, and positive agricultural practices. 

There will be live music, entertainment, and fun activities for kids and adults. Everything is aimed towards raising awareness and safeguarding our precious environment.

Kindly note: The market operates on a 100% ban on single-use plastics. The Eco Market is held every month in different locations.

1. Midsummer's Night Eco Market at the Farsons Beer Festival, Ta' Qali

29 July - 6 August 2022

A cosy night market with sustainable and eco-friendly products at Malta's biggest festival.

2. Eco Market at Mellieha Square, Mellieha

17-18 September 2022

On the occasion of EU sustainable mobility week, Eco Market will be holding a market of sustainable stalls and a variety of activities for kids as well as talks and workshops for adults.

3. Eco Market at the Malta National Aquarium, Qawra

1-2 October 2022

We're celebrating the national aquarium's 9th Anniversary with a weekend packed with marine-related activities and games for kids and an Eco Market with unique sustainable stalls.

Abode on the Rock, 15th - 19th June 2023

London-based promoters are set to take over Malta's sister island of Gozo for their debut electronic music festival. Party on the beach, party on a boat, and dance into the early hours and create a truly magical experience on this beautiful island of Gozo, only a short ferry ride away from Malta's mainland. 

Għanafest, TBA 2023

Ghanafest is a Malta folk music festival that lasts three days every year in June. Maltese traditional cuisine and breath-taking views of Floriana Argotti Gardens accompany the festival. Besides Maltese folk music, local musicians and groups take the stage. During the three-day festival, various handcraft exhibitions take place in the stalls. 

Malta International Arts Festival, 16th June - 2nd July 2023

The Malta International Arts Festival takes place every year and offers a wide variety of art, such as theatre, dance, music, and painting. Enjoy a large selection of performances from renowned artists, both Maltese and international, in venues such as the Mediterranean Conference Centre, the MITP Theatre, or the St. James Cavalier Centre for Creativity in Valletta. A selection of the presentations is free of charge.

Valletta Green Festival, TBA 2023

During this festival, the Pjazza San Ġorġ, one of the largest open spaces in Valletta, will be transformed into a stunning display composed of no less than 80,0000 seasonal flowering plants and flowers. Discover various educational workshops, seminars, music, and entertainment around the Pjazza San Ġorġ and other venues around Valletta. 

Malta Music Week, TBA 2023

The Malta Music Week marks the end of another scholastic year and the start of another fabulous summer ahead in Malta. Malta Music Week is a week filled with parties in different locations and offers something for everyone. This is a truly magical week full of freedom, music, and enjoyment.

Isle of MTV Malta Special, TBA 2023

The annual Isle of MTV event attracts more than 50,000 visitors each year. The musical spectacle includes a world-class line-up and offers a unique opportunity to hear the best, hottest musicians live and for free – right on the sunny Mediterranean island of Malta. It’s already clear: this will be one of the must-see music festivals in Europe once again.

Arti Fil-Misraħ, TBH 2023

The streets of the northern town Mellieħa are transformed every Friday in July showcasing local artists, musicians, artisans, and similar talents for the locals and tourists to enjoy. A perfect way to start your weekend.

Malta Jazz Festival, 10th - 15th July 2023

Three Mediterranean nights full of international jazz in one unique, spectacular scenery beneath Valletta’s stronghold and in front of the great docks. Fans of Jazz will gladly use this chance to spend beautiful evenings with world-famous artists in July.

Unite with Tomorrowland, TBA 2023

Experience the magical Tomorrowland festival in Malta! The festival, which takes place at the same time in Malta, Athena, Barcelona, and Porto, gives you the chance to unite with festival-goers from all over the world. The festival will also have a live connection to the main stage in Belgium Tomorrowland. Visitors can enjoy this glorious festival with impressive DJ performances and have an unforgettable experience.

L´Imnarja Summer Folk Festival, TBA 2023

This festivity dates back even before the arrival of the Knights Hospitaller in 1530. Its name “L’Imnarja”, “Festival of Light”, has its origin in the many solstice fires that originally accompanied the festivities. Today, the party is located in Buskett Gardens: family and friends use this day for a picnic, wine is flowing and national delicacies, such as a traditional rabbit dish, are being served. In the evenings, singing, guitar playing, and local folk music provide entertainment.

The Farsons Great Beer Festival, TBA 2023

At the Farsons Great Beer Festival in the small village of Ta’ Qali, it’s all about good music, good food, and, of course, good beer. Several thousand visitors are expected to attend the free 10-day festival. The programme is filled with lots of entertainment and activities, and a large selection of bars offer food and drink. Numerous live performances featuring hot local musicians and bands can be enjoyed at the open-air stage.

Glitch Festival, 13th to 16th August 2023

The Glitch festival invites house and techno music lovers to have an unforgettable experience at Gianpula Village. The festival offers endless entertainment in a unique atmosphere, from Rooftop pool parties to secret rave parties, from boat parties to the main stage where the headliners perform. If you are one of those who love dancing and electronic music, you should try this festival.

Summer Daze Malta, TBA 2023

Summer Daze Malta is a music and dance festival. The festival hosts world-famous artists every year. To this day, many different artists have performed from David Guetta to Rita Ora, from Tyga to Paul Kalkbrenner. Summer Daze Malta, which takes place in St. Paul's Bay and Ta’Qali National Park, welcomes many local and foreign people who love music.

Full Moon Med Festival, TBA 2023

Full Moon Med Fest, which has the soul of Thailand's Full Moon parties, is a one-day festival with a unique atmosphere. The night, where neon colours dominate, offers local and international musicians and entertainers to all festival-goers. The festival, which takes place in August, will make you feel like your in a completely different world!

Delicata Wine Festival, TBA 2023

Delicata Classic Wine Festival will give you a classy evening with world-famous Maltese wines at Upper Barraka Gardens in Valletta! This festival, which will take place in the local winery Delicata, offers its visitors to taste the best local vintage samples. Visitors can enjoy music in this beautiful ambience and taste new, classic, and vintage wines.

Victory Day, 8th September 2023

The 8th of September is a very special holiday in Malta, as it encompasses three different events: the religious festival of the birth of the Holy Virgin Mary, the day that the siege of 1565 ended, and the day on which the Italian army was defeated by the British in the Second World War. The festivities take place in Senglea, Naxxar, Mellieha, and Xaghra, on Gozo. Since 1878, the big harbour basin hosts a rowing regatta every year between six teams of Malta’s biggest harbour areas – a huge spectacle!

Independence Day, 21st September 2022

Malta won its political independence from Great Britain on the 21st of September, 1964. During the night, the Maltese flag was raised in the Independence Arena in Floriana, to the cheers of a huge crowd of people. Since then, many festivities and activities take place on every 21 September, to properly celebrate this day.

The Bubble Festival, TBA 2023

The Bubble is a festival of life focused on creating awareness. This non-profit festival is a non-governmental organization that organizes local events. The festival, which aims to get you out of the city and in tune with nature, lasts for a week. The Bubble Festival offers visitors music, entertainment, relaxation, new ideas, awareness, and nature for a week!

Gozo – End of Summer Fest, TBA 2023

The Gozo End of Summer Fest is waiting for visitors from all ages and walks of life for a beautiful weekend full of music and entertainment. Rock, jazz musicians and bands take the stage at the festival. It is also an opportunity for those who want to relive Carnival again. Festival welcomes visitors to charming Żewwieqa in Mġarr Harbour in Gozo. The Gozo End of Summer Fest promises local and foreign visitors an unforgettable ending for summer!

Notte Bianca, 1st October 2022

Palaces and museums are open until late with special discounts on entry, some are also free such as the President’s Palace. The streets are full of life with visual art exhibitions and theatre performances. Music echoes in the streets as local and foreign bands are also on show for your entertainment. Of course, cafes and restaurants will be open until late with food stalls and tables for delicious local delicacies.

Birgu Festival, 7th-9th October 2022

Birgufest, which was once known as Birgu by night, has grown in popularity over the past years. Mainly because of the immense beauty that is interpreted throughout this fortified small city. This historical city is completely lit by thousands of candles sprinkled on every step and every balcony. You’ll be able to find a wide variety of food stalls, restaurants, and bands to liven up the night.

Rolex Middle Sea Race, 22nd October 2022

The Rolex Middle Sea Race begins from Valletta’s harbour. About 70 cruisers embark on a 606-sea-mile journey to pass the Strait of Messina along the eastern coast of Sicily. The trip continues around Stromboli, Favignana, and Pantelleria on Sicily, and then back to Malta through Lampedusa. The different landscapes and textures of the sea make this race a particular challenge and attractive! The race will start on the 15th of October. 

Mdina Classic, 13th - 16th October 2022

The Mdina Grand Prix Classic Car Event is held every year in the month of October. The Mdina street circuit is set in the idyllic countryside beneath the imposing bastions of the Old Capital City. It promises to be a magical weekend of classic car racing. Old classic sports classic to modern age monsters make way for everyone to enjoy.

Festival Mediterranea, TBA 2023

A festival to celebrate the Mediterranean culture and history of the island. The Festival Mediterranea takes place in Gozo. During the festival, performances, concerts, and shows will take place throughout the island. A lot of activities are organized, from art exhibitions to food and beverage events, from archaeology conferences to historic trips. You can get to know the Mediterranean culture at this festival where the entire island has become a cultural centre!

The Three Palaces Festival, 1st - 12th November 2022

One of the most impressive events in Malta, the Three Palaces Festival offers visitors a spectacular range of music and gives a chance to explore Malta's most spectacular historical sites. The Verdala Palace, the San Anton Palace and the Grandmaster’s Palace open its doors during this festival where you can feel the history while listening to the unforgettable works of classical, modern, and contemporary jazz music.

Malta International Christmas Choir Fest 2nd - 4th December 2022

Enjoy several Christmas choir performances in authentic baroque-style churches. The festival features several choirs from over 12 different countries! The Maltese islands have always been a hotspot for cultural diversity and this festival is no different as the goal will be to bring different choral traditions together. Don’t miss out on this culturally enriching experience during the most wonderful time of the year. 

Rock ‘N’ Roll Christmas Festival 12th – 13th December 2022

Rock ‘n’ roll group “That’ll be the day” will be coming to Malta for the very first time to perform 2 Christmas rock concerts at the Hilton Conference Centre. This show will combine Christmas classics with comedic sketches. The cast will take the audience on a ride through the best parts of rock and pop throughout the years.