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Media services provided by Stream House Media Productions

§5 General information obligations

(1) Service providers have to keep the following information easily recognizable, immediately accessible and continuously available on business-like teleservices generally offered for monetary compensation:

1. The name and address under which they have registered with local authorities, in case of legal entities also their legal forms, the individual authorized to represent the entity and, insofar as statements about the entity's capital are being made, its share and basic capital as well as the sum of all outstanding deposits if not all monetary deposits have been paid in,

2. Information that enables quick electronic contact and immediate communication with them, including the electronic mail address,

3. Insofar as the service is offered as part of an activity that requires official licensing, information regarding the controlling authority responsible,

4. The trade register, register of associations, partnership register or cooperative register they have entered, and the respective registration number,

5. Insofar as the service is being rendered by pursuing a profession that, according to article 1 letter d of Directive 89/48/EEC of the Council from December 21st 1988 on general regulations for recognizing university diplomas that constitute a professional education of no less than three years in addition to Directive 97/38/EC of the Commission from July 20th 1997 (OJ EC no. L 184 p. 31),
information about
a) the chamber to which the service provider belongs,
b) the legal title of the profession and the governing authority that has granted this professional title,
c) the name of relevant professional regulations and how these can be accessed.

6. In cases in which they possess a VAT ID in accordance with §27a of the VAT code or an economic identification number in accordance with §139c of the statutory levies code, a declaration of the said number,

7. In the case of corporations, joint-stock companies and limited liability companies that are in the process of liquidation, a declaration to this effect.
(2) Further information duties in accordance with other legal provisions remain untouched.

Limitation of liability/privacy policy

1. Limitation of liability

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4. Privacy policy

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