CLIL - Content and Language Integrated Learning Courses for Teachers

Schools and colleges in many countries are now teaching subjects such as maths, sciences, geography using English as the medium of instruction even though the students are not native English speakers. Teachers frequently find this a challenge. The Maltalingua CLIL Course is the solution. 

Our CLIL course has been carefully designed to make life easier for teachers around the world by enabling them to confidently use English to teach classroom content and facilitate their students' mastery of both subject content and English.

Our courses explore the history and principles of CLIL and present techniques and resources that can be included in the classroom. 

Here are some areas that will be covered in the course, which include practical sessions and peer reviews.

History and overview of CLIL and teacher aspirations:

  • 4 Cs of CLIL;
  • BICS and CALP;
  • Blooms Taxonomy;
  • Planning CLIL Lessons;
  • Selecting and adapting materials;
  • Scaffolding techniques and exercises;
  • CLIL Skills;
  • Assessments;
  • Topic-specific sessions - personalised sessions focusing on the content being delivered by the teacher (e.g. maths, science, geography, etc.)

Programmes Offered

1-week or 2-weeks – closed group, max 8 students.

For those wishing to improve their own English Skills, we offer a combination of General English (20 lessons) + CLIL (10 lessons).