Information for Parents - Student Zone

Dear Parents,

We are very pleased that you have chosen Maltalingua as your language holiday partner!

Many of our participants will be taking their first journey to a foreign country, far from family and friends. And for many parents, this is the first time that their children will be away from home on their own.

Children of all ages who are away from home for the first time may miss their familiar surroundings and way of life. Your child will be faced with a foreign environment, language, and culture – and also with different foods. Local customs and ways can seem new and strange in the beginning, especially when staying with a host family. Before departure, it is important that you and your child carefully read the “Code of Conduct”, which is enclosed with these documents. Please make sure that your child understands the rules and code of conduct.

Some participants will find the experience overwhelming at the beginning. Others will become homesick. These are normal reactions which we see again and again with our new arrivals. We want to assure you as parents that our school and the team leaders are aware of these circumstances. Our on-site team has a great deal of experience in this area and will respond to your child’s needs with understanding and care. The team leaders are specially trained to motivate children and care for them appropriately. They are available to discuss and help resolve any concerns. The best cure for homesickness is taking time to settle in and make new friends. In our experience, it is also easier for children to adjust to a new environment when parental contact is minimized as much as possible. So the less time on the phone, the better!

We would like to emphasise the fact that you can reach us at any time should you have a specific cause for concern during your child’s language holiday. Please explain to your child that it is important to talk to the appropriate on-site contact person right away if any questions or problems arise. That might be the host family, a team leader, or a teacher/supervisor. Most concerns can be resolved quickly and directly in this way.

If you would like to speak with the school yourself, you can use the following telephone number: (+356) 2742 7570. Outside the opening hours, the school makes an emergency number available: (+356) 7949 6915. Please note that this number should only be used for emergencies, that is, special circumstances that cannot possibly wait until school begins on Monday morning.

We wish your child a pleasant journey and a wonderful time in Malta.