Arrival Details for Juniors - Student Zone

Here is some information that you might find useful for your stay with us here in Malta:

Placement test

Family Programme students: on your first day, please come to the school at 8:15 am on Monday for the welcome meeting.

Host Family and Residence students: on your first day, please come to the school at 8:15 am on Monday for the welcome meeting. If your first day falls on a public holiday in Malta on a Monday you will be expected to arrive at the same time the following day.

Public holidays

On some public holidays, there will be no lessons. However, we will take you on a full-day excursion!

Emergency contacts

Maltalingua Junior Emergency Only Number: (+356) 7949 6915
Emergency (Police, Ambulance, Fire): 112


We have a doctor who can come and see you at your accommodation if you are sick.
Host families might have their own house doctor. Speak to them if you are feeling unwell.
You will need to pay for the doctor and any medicine. Please keep your receipt to give to your family when you are home.


Please go to your Group Leaders immediately if something has happened and you need to go to the hospital. One of the Group Leaders will take you there and stay with you the whole time.

Taxi airport transfers

On a Friday, all students leaving at the weekend will be informed by Maltalingua when to be ready for departure.

Bus routes

There are bus stops close to the residence or host families. You can use the public bus to explore Malta on your free day. You can buy your ticket from the bus driver.


There are many mini-markets you can buy extra food or snacks from. Supermarkets are open from Monday to Sunday until about 19:30. On Sundays, the hours may vary. 
Residence: The closest one is behind the Bella Vista residence. There is also a little kiosk in the residence.
School: There are several supermarkets such as Welbees in Park Towers (next to the school), and Lidl (Sliema), all within walking distance from the school.


ATM means a cash point, where you can withdraw money. Please ask your Group Leaders for directions to the nearest ATMs.